Fifa world cup

italy 1934

Champion: Italy Italy Flag
Runners-up: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Flag
Third place: Germany Germany Flag
Top scorer: Oldřich Nejedlý (5 goals) Czechoslovakia Flag




27 May – 10 June


16 Teams

Matches palyed

17 matches

Goals scored

70 goals

World Cup 1934

The 1934 FIFA World Cup was the second edition of the FIFA World Cup, the world championship for men’s national association football teams. It took place in Italy from 27 May to 10 June 1934.

The 1934 World Cup was the first for which teams had to qualify to take part. Thirty-two nations entered the competition, and after qualification, 16 teams participated in the finals tournament. Reigning champions Uruguay refused to participate due to the fact that just four European teams had accepted their invitation to the 1930 tournament. Italy became the second World Cup champions and the first European team to win, beating Czechoslovakia 2–1 in the final.

World Cup 1934 finals

Italy Old Flag

Final Match

Italy 2 – 1 Czechoslovakia

Czech Flag
Quarter Finals
Austria Flag Austria 2 – 1 Hungary Spain Flag
Italy Flag Italy 1 – 1 Spain Spain Flag
Germany Flag Germany 2 – 1 Sweden Sweden Flag
Czechoslovakia Flag Czechoslovakia 3 – 2 Switzerland Switzerland Flag
Italy Flag Italy 1 – 0 Spain Spain Flag
San Galgano Italy
Semi Finals
Italy Flag Italy 1 – 0 Austria Austria Flag
Czechoslovakia Flag Czechoslovakia 3 – 1 Germany Germany Flag
Third Place
Germany Flag Germany 3 – 2 Austria Austria Flag

World Cup 1934 Round 16

Round 16
Spain Flag Spain 3 – 1 Brazil Brazil Flag
Hungary Flag Hungary 4 – 2 Egypt Egypt Flag
Switzerland Flag Switzerland 3 – 2 Netherlands Netherlands Flag
Italy Flag Italy 7 – 1 USA USA Flag
Round 16
Czechoslovakia Flag Czechoslovakia 2 – 1 Romania Romania Flag
Sweden Flag Sweden 3 – 2 Argentina Argentina Flag
Austria Flag Austria 3 – 2 France France Flag
Germany Flag Germany 5 – 2 Belgium Belgium Flag

World Cup 1934 Teams

Argentina Flag Argentina
Austria Flag Austria
Belgium Flag Belgium
Brazil Flag Brazil
Czechoslovakia Flag Czechoslovakia
Egypt Flag Egypt
France Flag France
Germany Flag Germany
Hungary Flag Hungary
Italy Flag Italy
Netherlands Flag Netherlands
Romania Flag Romania
Spain Flag Spain
Sweden Flag Sweden
Switzerland Flag Switzerland